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Nro. Descripción Dirección, Tel./Fax, email, Lugar Ránking/Posición Datos del sitio
1 BreastfeedingBreastfeeding
A site for mothers and nursing professionals who want support and advice. Features tips for working mothers, research articles, FAQs, message boards, links, humor, art.
413 S. County Rd 21. Berthoud, CO 80513. US.
+1 303 926 9734 x107; Fax: +1 303 926 9735
Estados Unidos - Estados Unidos-USA
Mundial :64.232º
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2 Midwifery Today, Inc.Midwifery Today, Inc.
Quarterly magazine for midwives, parents and other health professionals to learn more about pregnancy, labor and birth.
P.O. Box 2672. Eugene, OR 97402-0223. U.S.A.
+1-800-743-0974; +1 541-344-7438; Fax: +1 541-344-1422;;
Eugene - US - Estados Unidos-USA
Mundial :379.203º
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3 Bayada NursesBayada Nurses
Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified home health aides and nursing assistants providing care for people in their own homes. Offices in many US states. English - Español
Headquarters, 290 Chester Avenue, Moorestown, NJ 08057, US
856-231-1000; +1-888-4BAYADA; Fax: +1 215 757 5591
Moorestown - NJ - US - Estados Unidos-USA
Mundial :500.948º
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4 Association of Rehabilitation NursesAssociation of Rehabilitation Nurses
ARN's mission is to promote and advance professional rehabilitation nursing practice through education, advocacy, collaboration, and research to enhance the quality of life for those affected by disability and chronic illness.
4700 W Lake Ave. Glenview, IL 60025. US.
800/229-7530; +1 847 967 1455; Fax: +1 847 967 1261
Glenview - IL - US - Estados Unidos-USA
Mundial :2.400.815º
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"Everything you need to know about midwifery, pregnancy, and women's health" Part of the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM)
8403 Colesville Rd., Suite 1550. Silver Spring MD 20910. US
(+1 240) 485-1800; Fax: (+1 240) 485 1818
Silver Spring - US - Estados Unidos-USA
Mundial :2.497.443º
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6 Grupo Nacional para el Estudio y Asesoramiento en Úlceras por Presión y Heridas Crónicas (GNEAUPP)Grupo Nacional para el Estudio y Asesoramiento en Úlceras por Presión y Heridas Crónicas (GNEAUPP)
El GNEAUPP, es una institución independiente que aglutina a diferentes tipos de profesionales interesados en las UPP y las heridas crónicas.
Plaza Tomás y Valiente, 4 bajo (26004) Logroño. España.
+34-941-239240; Fax: +34-941-239347
Logroño - España - España-Spain
Mundial :2.595.120º
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7 Citizens for Midwifery (CfM)Citizens for Midwifery (CfM)
Citizens for Midwifery is a non-profit, volunteer, grassroots organization. Founded by several mothers in 1996, it is the only national consumer-based group promoting the Midwives Model of Care.
P.O.Box 82227; Athens GA 30608-2227. US
Athens - US - Estados Unidos-USA
Mundial :2.620.719º
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Provides resources to midwives, students and consumers. Includes a glossary, database of midwives, conference information and a forum.
PO Box 2136. White Salmon, WA 98672. US.
+1 925 218 1840
White Salmon - US - Estados Unidos-USA
Mundial :2.795.256º
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Servicio de acompañante de Enfermería.
Paraná 754 9 Piso Capital Federal. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
++54 0800 345 1555 / 5254 0330;
Buenos Aires - Argentina - Argentina
Mundial :4.940.146º
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10 Tissue Viability Nurses Association TVNATissue Viability Nurses Association TVNA
The TVNA is the only UK association within wound care that is exclusive to nurses. Full membership is reserved for registered nurses in post whose primary responsibility is the provision of tissue viability services or who have the lead responsibility for
TVNA Administrator: 3 Ullswater Crescent, Looseleigh, Plymouth, PL6 5HB. United Kingdom.
+1 441 279 7145
Plymouth - UK - Inglaterra-England
Mundial :9.182.953º
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Dedicados a ofrecer servicios de enfermería y cuidados a domicilio

(++54 11) 4305-6692
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Mundial :9.210.140º
Links: N.D.
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12 Visiting Nurse Association of El Paso (VNA)Visiting Nurse Association of El Paso (VNA)
VNA is the only home health care agency in El Paso that provides patients with a full circle of care: Nursing, Rehabilitation, Personal Care, Private Duty, and Hospice.
4171 North Mesa Street; Building D, Suite 500; El Paso, Texas 79902-1433
Admissions: 915-543-6256; Assistance and Support Services : 915-543-6249

El Paso - Texas - Estados Unidos-USA
Mundial :14.642.494º
Links: N.D.
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13 American Association of Spinal Cord Injury Nurses (AASCIN)American Association of Spinal Cord Injury Nurses (AASCIN)
AASCIN, is dedicated to promoting quality care for individuals with spinal cord impairment (SCI) Includes membership information, bylaws, position statements, events, and legislative updates.
75-20 Astoria Blvd. Jackson Heights, NY 11370. US.
(+1 718) 803-3782; Fax: (+1 718) 803-0414
Jackson Heights - NY - US - Estados Unidos-USA
Mundial :27.404.828º
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14 Cuidado Casero Home Health and HospiceCuidado Casero Home Health and Hospice
Cuidado Casero Home Health Services is a wholly owned and operated private corporation, Cuidado Casero currently offers cost effective and coordinated health care services which include licensed professional nurses, and outcome oriented treatment plans, r
1179 W. Corporate Dr., Suite 103 Arlington, TX 76006. US

Arlington - TX - US - Estados Unidos-USA
Mundial :28.440.057º
Links: N.D.
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15 Centro para el Control y la Prevención de EnfermedadesCentro para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades
Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades. Temas generales (Asma, Tabaquismo,...)Grupos estarios específicos...
1600 Clifton Rd., Atlanta, GA 30333 U.S.A.
Servicio de respuesta al público de los CDC: (404) 639-3534 / (800) 311-3435
Atlanta - U.S.A. - Estados Unidos-USA
Mundial :N.D.
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16 Association of Nurses in AIDS CareAssociation of Nurses in AIDS Care
Committed to the education and development of nurses involved of the care of HIV positive individuals, and promoting the health, welfare and rights of HIV infected individuals.
3538 Ridgewood Road. Akron, Ohio 44333. US
+1 800.260.6780, +1 330 670 0101; Fax: +1 330.670.0109
Akron - Ohio - US - Estados Unidos-USA
Mundial :N.D.
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17 Canadian Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (CANAC)Canadian Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (CANAC)
CANAC, is a national professional nursing organization committed to fostering excellence in HIV/AIDS nursing, promoting the health, rights and dignity of persons affected by HIV/AIDS and to preventing the spread of HIV infection.
Executive Assistant, CANAC/ACIIS. P.O. Box 93. Pontypool, ON Canada. L0A 1K0.
+1 16137280
Pontypool - ON - Canada - Canadá
Mundial :N.D.
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18 Journal of Intellectual DisabilitiesJournal of Intellectual Disabilities
This journal provides a medium for the exchange of best practice, knowledge and research between academic and professional disciplines from education, social and health settings to bring about advancement of services for people with intellectual disabilit

Estados Unidos - Estados Unidos-USA
Mundial :N.D.
Links: N.D.
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19 El Teléfono de la SaludEl Teléfono de la Salud
Servicio de extensión universitaria, de promoción de la salud.
Av. Bolivia 5150 (4400) Salta. Argentina
(+54 387) 425-5488
Salta - Argentina - Argentina
Mundial :N.D.
Links: N.D.
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20 Jade Salud Jade Salud
Servicio de Enfermería y Acompañantes de Salud, con personal capacitado y humano.
Dean Funes 580 2ºB, Capital Federal
Tel: (011) 4957-5223 - Cel: (011) 15-4043-3901- (011) 15-3337-9674-
Buenos Aires - Capital Federal - Argentina
Mundial :N.D.
Links: N.D.
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4 Brasil 39
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6 _Europa 20
7 Italia-Italy 18
8 México 11
9 Canadá 10
10 Chile 10
11 Bolivia 9
12 Colombia 8
13 Perú 6
14 Cuba 5
15 Venezuela 4
16 Alemania-Germany 3
17 Suiza-Switzerland 3
18 _Oceanía 2
19 China 2
20 Francia-France 2
21 Gran Bretaña-UK 2
22 _América 2
23 _Africa 2
24 Uruguay 1
25 _Asia 1
26 Japón-Japan 1
27 Panamá 1
28 Australia 1
29 Paraguay 1
30 Ecuador 1
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